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THAT. Real Writing by Real Leaders. 
the written complement to our podcast, THIS. with Shauna Griffiths.

There is power in words. What we say and write to ourselves and others can have profound impact which means

there is responsibility tied to words we choose. The words real leaders choose tend to hit differently.

Strung together - void of pretentiousness and filled with purpose - these words tend to inform, enrich, motivate and inspire. Don't get us wrong. These words aren't always delivering rainbows and unicorns. They also have the power to cut like a knife when that's what's needed. Either way, there is intention behind them because authentic leaders usually understand there is a responsibility related to the words they choose. Look - we all know no one is perfect and yes, sometimes real leaders pick the wrong words and miss by a mile. This isn't about perfection though.

It's about intention because THAT is what truly matters most.



We couldn't be more grateful to the diverse, authentic leaders who have the courage share their chosen words with us

and you. We hope you enjoy the articles featured here and we invite you to help

share THAT. Real Writing by Real Leaders. with others.

- Shauna Griffiths

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