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Welcome to the weekly content series that started our evolution to what is now our podcast
THIS. with Shauna Griffiths. REAL TALK. REAL LEADERS™.   

Check out the videos below to access the OG episodes that revealed out 
dedication to elevating voices of diverse leaders who share our commitment to impact, evolution and authentic leadership.  

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Megan Bartlett 
Founder of The Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport 

Megan talks about The Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport and her journey to get involved in this kind of work. She teaches us about trauma informed coaching, the science behind their work, and how you can get involved with the organization!  

EPISODE 38 - Pass the Mic! 
Christian Murray 
Sports Business Professional 

Christian joins Shauna for a special edition of Real Talk – Pass the Mic! They talk about their individual journeys and the lessons they learned along the way. Christian asks about the founding of SLG Impact and what it means to Shauna. It gets REAL! 

Tatiana Oliveira Simonian 
Culture Maker & Veteran Marketer 

Tatiana talks about her about her nonlinear career evolution, her mentorship for POC and passion for DEI, her inspiration, and of course, her playlist! She also shares and explains her motto– creativity over competition. She's truly one of a kind, check it out!  

Felicia Hall Allen
Founder, Felicia Hall Allen & Associates;
Sports Agent, Speaker, Consultant

Felicia shared her evolution, her commitment to impacting people, paving the way as a black woman, about her passion for racial, social and economic justice & her work. She provides some incredibly valuable words of wisdom about authentic leadership and the journey.
It's a goodie so tune in and be ready to feel inspired!

Adrienne Ankola-Rochetti 
Vice President, Social Impact at CSM Sport & Entertainment 

Adrienne talks about her career journey and identity – going from a baller to a professional and being out in the workplace. They also talk about different leadership styles, some trends she sees in the marketing and partnership space, and much more! You don’t want to miss this! 

Vanessa Taveras 
Senior Vice President, CSM Properties 

Vanessa talks about her career journey and evolution at CSM and about being herself - not the stereotypical salesperson (and how that’s benefited her so far). She also talks about female leadership, holding the door open for others, and sports being for everyone! 

Vahid Shababi 
COO at Victory Square Technologies 

Vahid talks about his journey to Victory Square Technologies and enjoying to the challenges along the way. He also talks about how they decide how to invest, what they’re looking to do next, and the biggest factor they pay attention to when investing – the PEOPLE! 

Adi Kunalic 
President & Co-Founder at opendorse  

Adi talks about the founding and evolution of his company, opendorse. He also shared opendorse’s purpose and vision, some info on NIL and how it will further affect the growth of his company, and his leadership style! 

 Javid Louis
Brand Strategist @ Twitter Next 

Javid talks about his unique journey to get to where he is today and gives us some industry insight on staying relevant when the social landscape is always changing, influencer culture, how he handled the past year, and upcoming trends he’s expecting! 

Laura Lefton
Senior Director, Club Business Development at the NFL 

Laura talks about her journey to the NFL, what it was like hosting a virtual NFL Draft, being a woman in a male dominated industry, and so much more.... you don’t want to miss this one! 


Petra Pope

Creative Director & Trendsetter

Petra talks about her career journey, what it was like to define in-game entertainment, and having confidence in the boardroom! Petra also shares some can't miss industry opinions!


Sarah Baumgartner

Deputy Director of Athletics at Rutgers University

Sarah talks about her leadership style and what it was like leading through the craziness that was 2020, the importance of being present, and what Rutgers Athletics is looking forward to this year!  


Natalie White 

 Interim President & Chief Operating Officer at

Los Angeles Sparks

Natalie talks about her journey to her role at the WNBA, what it was like having such an unprecedented season last year, and what they’re looking forward to this year! 


Alfred White 

Senior Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at College Football Playoff

Alfred talks about his journey to get where he is today, what it was like having the College Football Playoff during a pandemic, and much more!


Matt Pazaras

Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer for the Milwaukee Bucks

Matt chats about his journey to working for the Bucks, diversity in the workplace, and a little thing he likes to call “the Giannis Effect”


Jake Hirshman

PGA Tour, 2x Author, Life in the Front Office Podcast Host, Adjunct Professor

Jake talks about detaching yourself from your work and exploring who you are outside of the brand you’re working for. 


Kelle Coleman  

SVP, Brand Partnerships & Events, Nielsen

Kelle talks about her journey to having confidence in her decisions, being a part of SABLE, a Black Business Resource Group at Nielsen, and of course, trusting your dopeness! 


Malcolm Lemmons 

Founder of Athletes Unheard, 2x Author, Former Pro Athlete

We’re keeping it real, this isn’t our usual recording but Malcolm is too good not to share! Malcolm Lemmons talks about his evolution from professional basketball player to author and entrepreneur and his mission to destigmatize mental health in sports through storytelling - starting with his own journey.


Marco Alvarez, Founder 

Free Throwz

Marco talks about founding his own non-profit at just 16, his favorite part of the job, and what inspired him to give back to his community. This kid is going places!


Danny Heinsohn 

Keynote Speaker, Coach, Athlete, Scholarship Giver, Founder, &  20 year Survivor of brain cancer

Danny shared his journey transforming obstacles into opportunity, & the role of community, commitment and clarity.  This is his story. You don't want to miss it!


Pam Harris 

Growth Leader & Brand Champion

Pam shares her outstanding career journey, and her wisdom about the value of layering experiences and a mindset of lifelong learning. Take notes, Folks! 


REAL TALK 2.0 Debuts w/ Two Old Mates Catching-Up

Matt Bailey, Founder & CEO

GameOn Entertainment Technologies

Matt Bailey & our very own, Shauna Griffiths, catch-up about Matt's incredible journey including his take on entrepreneurialism and mental health.

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