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While we're staying true the mission of elevating voices of diverse authentic leaders, we're doing more to uncover stories and guidance to help solve for YOUR pain points. 


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Gratitude to our Partners, Felicia Hall Allen & Associates, CMD, Hijinx & Influence Media Agency.


 Russ Rubino, highly sought after Marketing Executive and Senior Consultant - Organizational Effectiveness for He is a marque industry vet with an impressive track record with some of the world's largest Fintech and financial firms, including NasdaqNYSEGE Energy Financial Services, and MF Global.  need to know information designed to positively impact business and careers for Marketing and Agency Professionals.


If you had the chance to sit down with the legendary Mindset Coach of GOATs like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, would you?! What about if he was going to give you The Three Keys to Greatness and Success?! Would you pause to focus, really listen AND be courageous enough to do something about what he shared?! Here's your chance in this episode featuring George Mumford - Mindfulness & Performance Expert - on THIS. with Shauna Griffiths


Joe Stetson, Chief Commercial Officer at the New York Red Bulls, is a 20+ year vet known for re-imagining iconic brands & generating record revenues. He made his mark at the likes of Madison Square Garden, the Brooklyn Nets, and he's blazing a new path at The Red Bulls.  All the while, he defies traditional stereotypes in the best of ways. If you watch to catch a great leader in action - WATCH THIS.


Joe Conrad, Founder & CEO of Grit Digital Health and Founder & CEO of Cactus Agency believes innovation, creativity and technology can solve any problem. Tune in to hear about the work Cactus creates for clients, the digital mental health solutions developed by Grit Digital including MAN THERAPY, and more!


verb co-founders, Shannon Jones and Yadira Harrison, are a force! Together they have created a dynamic consultancy and agency specializing in brand experiences, partnerships, campaigns, and proprietary platforms - and they just made the 2023 Inc 5000 list!! Tune in to find out how they built an 8 figure agency from Scratch & more. 


Amira Alvarez, Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, focuses on helping women have it all! Tune in to her what she's doing to contribute to the financial success of women, and how she inspires them to manifest their fullest and most fulfilling lives. 


 Alexandra (Alex) Jamieson is Founder of Radical Alignment, a Senior Consultant - Organizational Effectiveness, an Executive Leadership Coach for 20+ years, a five-time best-selling author with a Positive Psychology certification. 


Meet Indianapolis Colts, Director of Business Solutions, Jon Codalata. This episode brings you one of the best humans and best professionals around.  He's carved his path in Strategy in sports business by creating new positions and elevating them every step of the way. 


Making it in the booming pet industry is a big part of the focus of this episode featuring Cecelia Carrera, Founder & CEO of BistroCat. She's leading a revolution in cat care with AI Technology & revealing every cat parent's dream come true.


Discover The GC Index & Fuel Your Optimal Performance with Shauna Griffiths and its Co-Creator and Chief Polisher, Nathan Ott. This episode introduces you to The GC Index® - a revolutionary framework disrupting the way people manage talent. 

This episode features former 3x NFL All Pro Linebacker, former sports broadcast analyst, now Founding CEO of LightsOut Xtreme Fighting - Shawne Merriman.  He sat down to talk about his pursuit of optimal performance throughout his evolution, the #BusinessAthlete dynamic, and starting his own professional sports property and media platform that you can stream on Fubo


This episode is made for job seekers of all career stages. Buckle up for real talk delivered by Danielle Mills Walden, Founder & CEO of HEADSTRONG LLC, LinkedIn Branding Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author, Podcast Host & Retired Pro-Tennis Player. 


This episode will help you fuel yourself to win at the game of work, life and fun! Meet Ashley Koff, RD, Personalized Nutrition Expert, CEO & Founder of The Better Nutrition Program.  She believes personalized nutrition leads to better health outcomes.

 In this Update Episode you'll get to catch up on Javid Louis' evolution since his last episode - which includes his big move from Twitter to TicketMaster as their Director of Social Media. Tune-in to hear how Javid landed his current role that went viral when it was posted & more.

Meet MARCEL KUHN, a Swiss bestselling author and speaker, and your expert guide to mastering change within corporate landscapes.
As an adept surfer, Marcel weaves the profound lessons of the surf and the ocean into his approach to leading transformation. He encourages you to catch the wave of change and surf towards a resilient and successful future.

This episode will fuel the pursuit of optimal performance of women in the workplace and beyond.  Jennifer Wagner - CEO and Founder of PROSPER, is bravely leading the way to change that. She is passionate about athletics, leadership, democratizing elite human performance skills, and opportunity - specifically for women. 

Welcome Shimmy Gray-Miller, an experienced and highly accomplished Division I women’s basketball coach and emerging sports color analyst!  You'll LOVE her energy, passion and wisdom shared in this reunion of Shimmy and Shauna! Watch this to start unlocking your Optimal Performance.

The incredible George Swisher is back on the pod for a second episode focused on AGENCY GROWTH and it's full of great information, insights AND recommendations.  George is one of the most remarkable, forward-thinking, impact making people in the game. He's currently Co-Founder & CEO of, a software platform that helps leaders lead organizational change more precisely by analyzing sentiment of company objectives in real-time. 

If you want to get in on World Cup Fever as a fan or as brand - this episode is for you! Tune in to hear Karl Keating - Global Brand Strategist & Founder & CEO of The Perfect Storm Lab - bringing you his seasoned experience on how to maximize the upcoming extended moments in sports in the U.S. In partnership with Chris Todd of Vision Insights, Karl and the rest of their crews are the team to lead you and your brand through the sports perfect storm ahead including the 2026 World Cup and LA28!

If you want to crush it in the content world - this episode is for you! Karen Adams, Co-Founder & Partner PWRHOUSE COLLECTIVE, is in the hot seat talking with Shauna about Content Creation, to Starting an Agency, to Leadership Lessons and a whole lot more! You'll want to dig into this one with Karen who is a visionary and change agent with over 25 years of experience in branding, content creation and marketing for iconic brands including QVC and MARS, Inc and more! 

This can't miss episode breaks down the Digital Marketing landscape of Social Media and Content Creation, with the incredible
Marissa Stahl - Founder & CEO, Cherry Creative!
Marissa is an innovative and driven marketing executive with experience in strategic planning, branding, communications, and business development, and exceptional relationship building and account management skills.

Welcome to Season 4 and the 110th episode featuring an impactful conversation with Michael Leckie, Coach, Author & Consultant - who has been recognized as a "digital transformation leader" by CEO Today Magazine. This episode - "How to Build a Culture of Change for Successful Digital Transformation" - showcases how Michael focuses on driving change and culture evolution to enable true business transformation in a digital world.


Meet the first African American woman to own and operate a North American Professional Basketball League. Evelyn Magley is doing it all as CEO of The Basketball League. In this super insightful episode, Evelyn and Shauna talk about The Basketball League, its mission, vision, rise, and the impact it’s making in the lives of young men in communities across the United States

and now into Canada.


Our featured guest this week is Eric Perugini, Chief Commercial Officer at NBALAB. In this episode, Eric talks about his career journey to becoming Chief Commercial Officer at the NBALAB, what they do at the LAB, who they are for and much more.

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