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We were lucky enough to sit down with and get some inspiration and wisdom from Next-Gen Leader, Mia Len, Manager of Global Partnerships for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Mark our words, People, there is no stopping Mia Len. We are simply in awe of her grace, poise, energy and fearless pursuit of her journey. 


Leonard Edwards, Head of Global Partnerships at Evil Geniuses, knows exactly what it takes to succeed. In this episode, Leonard touches on his leadership style, his evolution over the years, and work in eSports. In the episode, Leonard touches on his leadership style, his evolution over the years, work in eSports and so much more. 


How to be a Great Leader with Lynn Altman, President of Brand Now.

Hints: Taking Risks and Being Brave are Key
Lynn is a fearless, innovative leader and brand builder who we had the privilege of speaking with for this episode. Her thoughts on, and approach to organization and leadership are timeless.
This is a must listen.


Meet Natalie White, Founder of Moolah Kicks. She's been making some big moves in Women's Hoops. In this episode, we dive into Natalie's journey and the steps Moolah Kicks is taking to improve the landscape of Women's Hoops. 



Meet the first African American woman to own and operate a North American Professional Basketball League. Evelyn Magley is doing it all as CEO of The Basketball League. In this super insightful episode, Evelyn and Shauna talk about The Basketball League, its mission, vision, rise, and the impact it’s making in the lives of young men in communities across the United States

and now into Canada.


Our featured guest this week is Eric Perugini, Chief Commercial Officer at NBALAB. In this episode, Eric talks about his career journey to becoming Chief Commercial Officer at the NBALAB, what they do at the LAB, who they are for and much more.