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5 Tips to Managing the Daily Sponsorship Hustle

By Paula Beadle, CEO Caravel Marketing

“Every action you take is a vote for the person you want to become.” – James Clear.

When it comes to success, the recipe is not complicated. Like James Clear said above, goals become attainable when action is taken.

A few key elements make this possible. 

There is hustle, which is a bias toward action, the ability to not only ideate, but to take the next step and take meaningful action.

There is grit, the willingness to be brave and bold while realizing the idea. 

And there is preparation because hustle and grit don’t produce results unless someone has done their homework.   

With that in mind, I am sharing five tips to manage and master the daily hustle: 

1. Understand the objectives

Are you clear about your goals? The goals of the organization and the goals of your partners?  A guiding principle for me is that a goal well-stated is half solved. Asking yourself, your manager, and your partners thoughtful questions to uncover specifically what they want to accomplish ensures you are working on the right things. 

Early in my career, I made it a practice to create agendas for internal and external meetings with action items tied to specific goals. This simple practice maintains a high level of focus and answers the question, what are we going to accomplish today. This proactive approach demonstrates your leadership skills and strategic thinking. 

2. Inspire a high-performance culture

Are you part of a high-performance team? Are you putting your strengths to work every day? Are you the right person working on the right things? How are your contributions helping to accomplish the team's goal? Consider these questions and initiate a conversation with your manager to clarify goals, actions and timelines. 

In a high-performance culture, individual and collective success starts with understanding clear goals and doing the right things at the right time. Your performance should not be measured by the amount of time you invest, or the number of tasks completed. 

A high-performance culture favors the outcomes of your work and fosters a high-performance mindset and habits that fuels the team. Take the lead to inspire a performance-based culture. 

3. Build a network of champions Who is on your personal board of directors? Surround yourself with trusted advisors who will offer advice to help you accomplish your goals and navigate the stormy seas.  Find a mentor or a coach (hopefully in your manager) and trust their experience and wisdom. We do not have all the answers. However, by creating a vibrant professional community you can always FIND the answer and continue growing along the way. 

4. Don’t take any shit

It is not uncommon to believe that taking shit is part of paying your dues and surviving shitty bosses is part of earning your stripes. 

Well, to that, I’ll share the best piece of advice my father ever gave me. 

“Honey, there is no such thing as a great job with a horseshit boss.”

Think about that for a minute. 

If you feel disrespected, dismissed, or unsupported – leave. It is that simple. 

Look for opportunities to work with leaders who want to support your professional and personal growth. Follow leaders, not companies or titles. 

Paying dues is about working hard, raising your hand, seeking out opportunities to learn, and doing the job you want, not the one you have. 

5. Show up as your best self – Every. Single. Day. Are you showing up as your best self every day? If the answer is no, why? What is getting in your way?

Identify who your best self is and believe in that version of you. Make the celebration of self a daily practice. How do you do that?  Every morning grab your coffee or tea, find a quiet spot to sit and ask yourself two questions:

  1. How do I want to show up today? 

  2. What are three things I am going to do before my day ends? 

Now take the action necessary to show up as the person you want to be and focus on accomplishing what is most important.   Keep hustling! 


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1 Comment

Alfred White
Alfred White
Jun 17, 2022

I LOVE all of this! Spot on!

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