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I've been thinking a lot lately about our role in what WE VISUALIZE and what WE SAY to ourselves to either help or hinder our journeys.

It's easy to observe in top athletes competing .... watching the routine of a basketball player in warm-ups, checking into the game, stepping to the free throw line. The rituals are designed to set the mind and body up for optimal performance.

There is so much we can take and mirror in this #LEADERS

Too many times in business we are excessively hard on ourselves - we doubt and even berate ourselves - we compare to others and succumb to feeling inferior. We are human and these things are natural, but they do not serve us, and we can opt to leave them behind.

Remember, you are a Business Athlete.

You have the ability to direct your mind and body forward with intention. You have the ability and responsibility to visualize victory and speak kindly to yourself. You were made for the moments that are great and those that are hard. You were made for buzzer beaters, Game 7s and double overtimes.

You may fall short of the ideal but again - you are a Business Athlete. You are resilient. You will learn, adapt and improve - and you will find ways to win.

May we be all the more mindful about allowing ourselves to SEE and SAY to ourselves - and others - that which serves us.

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