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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

By Elisa Padilla award-winning marketer, brand builder, content creator and Founder of kick it by ep.

Change is the one constant in life.

Change is great.

Change is awful and unforgiving at times.

Change helps us evolve and grow.

How you embrace change is so important because it’s part of life.

Recently, HBOMAX released the reboot of Sex and The City, now, Just Like That. The reboot only stars three of the four original cast members; Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. This is a big change since the franchise was built on four [4] characters. The anticipation of the show was building and fans waiting to see how these friends evolved over time.

The writers addressed change in age, society and being “woke.” No spoilers here if you are a fan.

They missed the mark because they moved away from the integrity of the characters that fans grew to know and love.

The fan feedback on social media is brutal. The reviews aren’t because they characters changed with time, the feedback focuses on how the writers went off the rails and didn’t keep the integrity of the characters.

Change does happen.

When it happens, embrace it and stay true to who you are no matter the circumstances.


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Elisa is an award-winning marketer with a diverse background in sports and entertainment (awards include Brooklyn Top Women in Business, WISE Women of Inspiration, Best Overall Integrated Marketing Campaign, “Hello Brooklyn”). She has experience at top companies (NBA, NHL, MLB, HBO, AT&T Mobility, Apple). She has a broad background in digital, brand, creative, and strategic marketing, new product development, media planning and buying, customer retention and affinity, budget management, multicultural marketing, and merchandise. She is accustomed to high stakes efforts with high visibility brands, specializing in strategic marketing that directly impacts the bottom line. Elisa is also Founder of Instagram Live Lunchtime Conversation Series.

This live lunchtime conversation series is designed to educate, inspire and pay it forward. It is a community where you can consume snackable content. The content focus is career stories, career insights & tips, words of encouragement, no matter where you are in your career and simply a fun conversation. To join the community, follow on Instagram @kickitbyep.

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