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I often have on the bike/off the bike thoughts and this is one of them. Mid-ride today I started thinking about evolving.

On the mountain bike I went from routine tears of fear when I first started 7 years ago to attacking the trails these days 🤟.

Off the bike I went from a senior agency role and inviting diverse leaders to speak to my staff - to COVID layoff - to creating SLG Impact and hosting our content series - to CMD and all we are doing to transform and soar - and content series turned podcast.

It's all opportunity to quit or evolve every day.

The question is - how will you evolve?

None of it comes with instructions. All of it comes with support - lessons learned - evolution > regret - and gratitude.

All that said - I'm grateful to share with you all the latest evolution of our SLG Impact podcast this week. I'm talking new name AND new branding!! We've also got a hot episode coming at you this week featuring Alicia Jeffreys SVP of Marketing for Detroit Pistons, and the first edition our Next-Gen series to close out the month featuring my mentee Lydia Knoll in Social Impact & Community at adidas.

I'm grateful to the incredible work of our Producer and Social Media Community Manager Kathleen Rinfret. I'm grateful to the support of so many.

Stay tuned and committed to evolving!

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