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No matter where you are in your career journey - or your bike ride - this one's for you. Really. It is.

Last week my husbabe John Griffiths and I were climbing an offshoot from the trail pictured here (from today). We got to a chunky technical feature and I said - "Look ahead to where you want to go." He did and he cleared it like a champ. 🙌

On today's ride we got to that same spot, and he said "Some really smart person told me to look ahead to where you want to go, and it worked. So, there is your tip of the day in case you needed help." 😇😆

Which brings me here - especially for those of us/you who took a couple days off last week for the holiday and have a case of the Sunday Blues creeping in.

👀 Look ahead to where you want to go. Focus your attention there. 👀

Try not to fixate on where your feet (or wheels) are or may be getting hung up - and definitely not on where they have been. As my coach Leslie Harris reminds me - we only need to see 200 ft ahead and have an idea of (and commitment to) where we want to go to get there.

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