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Most people who know me at all know I ride bicycles as much as I can because it helps my mind and my body and it's fun and challenging 😁.

On this Sunday my amazing husband John Griffiths and I did a big high mountain ride with our friends Nick Knezevich and Mike.

👉 16.4 miles | 2,818 ft of climbing | 4,173 ft of gnarly - spicey descending | topped out at 12,486 ft of altitude

Today was my first time on this ride. It took me three years of suggestions to feel confident I could do the final descent. As you can imagine from that description, it's "a little" challenging.

1,400 ft of vert and 2.6 miles in Nick Knezevich and I stood there looking at the ribbon of trail extending into the distance, and he said: "WE ARE SO LUCKY"

THAT was my mindset moment of the day and what an impact it made 🙌

"WE ARE SO LUCKY" we reminded ourselves again after the final climb - before we dropped into the steep and sketchy final descent.

The entire ride was a ripper and I felt so proud ... and lucky ... to have ridden it with my crew.

When I got home tonight and was thinking of the work week ahead this notion of "mindset moment" came back to me. As my coach - SLG Impact

coach - Leslie Harris - says, "shift your perspective 12 degrees."

So, I thought I'd come here and share this little story with you to plant some mindset seeds for the week ahead. Think about it and GET AFTER IT!

👉 What will your mindset moment be?

👉 How can you shift your perspective even 12 degrees to create a different reality for yourself and others?

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