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Being present is an art. It's a practice. Sometimes we nail it and other times - not so much. 😫 In my experience - monkey mind easily sets in with the distraction of dwelling on the past and/or anxiously storytelling to ourselves about what ifs of the future. This kind of distraction IS NOT HELPFUL. It just makes everything harder. I was reminded of this last weekend while mountain biking on rocky steep high mountain terrain ... I was ripping downhill AND pushing my bike uphill, but my mind was a hot mess. Thankfully, I caught myself in the moment and focused on the detail of the present and avoided making myself crash (hard). There are so many work/career parallels here and I'll leave you to think through them specific to your own world in case this can help you too. In the meantime, I'll keep reminding myself on and off the bike to be present - or else 🥴

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