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Yesterday morning my husband, John Griffiths, and I took our furry kid, Peaty, joring 👇. She's gotten so much better at it and loves it. It makes both of us so happy, as you can tell from our faces here 🐶😁🥰

Yesterday afternoon John and I rode on our indoor cycling trainers - downstairs in what I call our cycling pain cave. Let's just say at the start of the ride, my face did not look happy like that anymore! 😬😳 I'm getting back into riding indoors when weather (or schedules) calls for it - and woof - yesterday was rough.

3.5 miles in, my mind went into full on saboteur mode and I almost got off. The short 15.2 miles left somehow seemed sooo far and I was doubting if I had it in me to keep going. Thankfully quitting seemed harder than finishing and I literally started silently repeating and visualizing the words "YES I CAN. YES I CAN."

Yes - I actually do corney stuff like this and yes - it actually works (most of the time). 🤓

Right away my mind and body shifted and I started looking for the miles ticking away. Not that it was easy at that pace - but it did become a fun challenge that I knew I could do.

In work life I think most of us have similar saboteur moments when we doubt ourselves and question if we can keep going (be it on a task, a project, a job, a career track even). 💥 What we say to ourselves in those moments usually makes all the difference in setting our mindsets. 💥

The next time it happens to me in work (or on the bike) I'm going to pull out that mantra again - repeating and visualizing the words "YES I CAN. YES I CAN." Thought I'd share this with you in today's story in case it can help you during a saboteur moment.

You've got this! 🤘

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