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As the year ends, it can be a great time for reflection with an eye to setting ourselves up for success in the year ahead. That said, today's #sundaystories is dedicated to fueling ourselves - and not running out of fuel!

Did you run out of fuel this year? I did. Are you feeling any degree of depletion? I do.

So, what's a depleted executive to do?

👉 Rest, refuel set the stage for success in the year ahead.

In endurance riding this "running out of fuel" (or not ingesting enough fuel) is called "bonking". 😫 It's awful. If you've done it any number of times - you know you want to avoid it at all costs. It hurts the mind and body, and it makes recovery so much harder. It happens when you don't fuel enough // ingest enough calories // take good enough care of yourself while you are riding. I bonked on a ride a couple weeks ago and it was awful. Lesson learned (again)!

Careers can often be similar to endurance sports. Fueling ourselves along the ride//journey is super important - it's a daily practice - and there are tons of lessons we learn along the way. Keep in mind this "fueling" can be a wide range of things from actual calories to the people in our circles, to what we read/listen to/watch, to what we say to ourselves and more.

If you - like me - feel any sense of depletion/a bonk in your work life, you might want to consider refueling your mind/body/soul before the new year begins - and asking yourself what you can do (or not do!) in the year ahead to stay fueled along the work journey.

I'm on day 3 of my refueling mission and today I added to my 2022 fuel list some positive self-talk: "I AM WORTHY"

What fuel is on your list?!

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