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There are excuses off and on the bike available to us left and right. It comes down to what result we want.

Yesterday, the bike excuses were 80 mph winds and temps in the mid 30s. So, my husbabe John Griffiths and I resorted to knocking out 15.34 miles and 4,649 ft of vert in our indoor cycling pain cave featured below.

That's when I thought of you, Leaders.

#Excuses feel natural and normal. They are often an expression of self-preservation in action. That doesn't mean they are always the best choice to help us move forward and evolve though.

Doing hard things requires us to give up some comforts. Excuses can often feel better than discomfort.

And that's where we as #Leaders have to ask ourselves if excuses/easier ways out and mediocrity are more important than the putting in the work, and learning, impacting and evolving along the way.

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