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Yes, hucking is a word. No, I'm not being cheeky. Hucking is a present participle in fact:

1. Throwing or tossing.

2. Causing (a vehicle or bicycle or oneself) to leave "the ground" when executing a jump or stunt.

3. Going over or across (an obstacle), especially when executing a stunt.

The picture below was me today, being true to what fuels and refuels me, hucking off rocks descending on a steep, gnarly local trail while riding w my husbabe John Griffiths, our mates Nick Knezevich, Dave & Mike.

Hucking is also how I often feel in work as I'm finding my way over or across "rocks/obstacles" in what can often feel like a "stunt". It's fueled by a mix of experience and instinct, trusted people with me, sheer bravery and knowing that the alternative of not trying to huck is not an option I'm okay with.

So Brave & Authentic Leaders - As you are hucking your way through this week, remember you are not alone and remind yourself of four things:

1) your experience and instinct matter

2) find the trusted people you can ride with

3) sheer bravery is called for

4) it's up to you if the alternative of not trying to huck is really an option you are okay with


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