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👆 This is a common mantra in cycling and I thought of it today when my husband John Griffiths and I went riding w your homie Michael Hirsch.

FYI: John is in the middle and Hirsch is in the back in the picture below.

As we climbed the steep rocky trail, John was leading the way and Hirsch was behind him. At one point Hirsch said to me: "Woah. That's a pace!"

I was keeping up and basically replied: "Yeah. Tell me about it! I ride w him all the time at that pace" 😆

When it got to descending, Hirsch led the way turning on his burners, with John following and me keeping up. Hirsch is an absolute ripper and John and I usually aren't too far behind. At one point John said to Hirsch: "You just don't brake!"

All the while, all three of us were working HARD. Don't get me wrong. We were having fun. It just was not easy by any stretch.

Somewhere mid-decent I thought 👉 On the journey on and off the bike it doesn't get easier - we just get faster and/or better.

And this is where you all came to my mind.

In work there's often a notion that as we gain more experience everything will get easier.

🙋‍♀️ I'm raising my hand to say it really doesn't. 🤷‍♀️

As we work hard with awareness aimed at being authentic and evolving, we get better and/or faster and/but it doesn't get easier.

As leaders that's a good thing. Through it, we increase our ability to evolve and positively impact the work and others.

I swear it helps to remind ourselves in the moments 👉 it's not getting easier, but I'm getting better and/or faster. 🥳

How we think and what we tell ourselves matters.

So the next time we find ourselves wondering 👉 WHY IS THIS STILL HARD?! WHY ISN'T IT EASIER?!

Let's remind ourselves and others 👉 WE'RE GETTING FASTER AND/OR BETTER.... It really does make a positive impact 😉.


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