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Today my husband John Griffiths and I went mountain biking/bushwhacking with our dear friends Evan Chute and his wife Shaina who is pictured here with me.

There was way more bushwhacking than biking going on which isn't that foreign to me and John, but we thought it was totally new to Shaina so we paused to check-in.

She's an absolute champ and all but this experience was a bit much.

Evan leaned in to tell us "Shaina is really great about crazy adventures when I just let her know in advance when we have don't know what it will be like."

His comment reminded me of somethings Leadership and work related that my friend and HR magician Tiffany Castagno and I touched on in her episode of my podcast THIS dropping this Tues July 12:

👉 communication in the face of challenge

👉 not being silent and leaving people to fill in the blanks

👉 managing people's expectations with truth and positive intention.

With these things in play, people in our care are more informed and able to make decisions accordingly rather than being left in a bubble of silence - wondering - hypothesizing - stressing.

So, Leaders - as we head into this week, let's be mindful about how much we are actively working to manage expectations of those around us - thereby setting us and them more up for success as we all navigate the path (or trail!) forward.

If this post resonates with you - make sure to catch Tiffany's episode of THIS later this week as well as other episodes featuring incredible diverse authentic leaders:

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