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I didn't have coverage in the mountains at 12,000 ft yesterday so you get this edition today on my much needed PTO Monday.

This one is from this weekend's Suffer to Braaap high mountain ride with our mates Evan Chute & Shaina, and Matt Giaraffa & Rebekah.

This video of is from the top at nearly 12,500 ft after we rode/pushed our bikes uphill for nearly 2 hours. That was the suffer part. As my husbabe John Griffiths said - no one really enjoys that part.

We did it for the braaap though which was the rowdy, ripping 10 mile descent. ➡️ BRAAP = to ride w/ aggression & flow, especially through corners & over obstacles.

LEADERS 👉 The Suffer to Braaap dynamic is what made me think of you all. How many times have you faced an all out suffer fest in work knowing there was a big old braaap to be had on the other side of it?! A lot, right?!

You might be in the suffer part of a work ride right now in fact, where it's easy to lose sight of the braaap part ahead.

As you start this week - don't forget the braaap that's coming! It's often worth all the effort to "climb the mountain" 🤘

BONUS ELEMENT is brought to you by the ptarmigan 🐦 hiding in plain sight in the rocks at the start of the video. They reminded me of shady folks out there who are undeserving of the seats of leadership they are holding hostage. You know the ones I'm talking about. They think they are hiding in plain sight but they really aren't. We see them & their failed attempts to hide out 👀 Lead on w integrity... those are ones we are dismantling 🤘

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