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I've got one for you today that was off the bike this weekend and/but still on the trail and absolutely relatable to the journey we all face in work life.


Yesterday my husbabe, John Griffiths, and I went snowshoeing with our pup, Peaty (seen here). 🐶 🥰 Our goals were to help pack in the trails for fat bikers (like us) and cross-country skiers - AND - to wear out our high energy furry kid. 🙏

This community centric effort of packing in trails is a common thing people do who share the trails. In non-snowy months "trail maintenance" is similar but that's a Sunday Story for another day. Any time of year the gist is the same: the sooner we do it - the better we do it - the better the trails are for all of us to explore and enjoy.

Part way through yesterday's adventure I thought about the parallel of packing in trails for ourselves and others and Paving the Way and Paying it Forward for ourselves and others in work life.... Immediately, I thought of the queen of paving the way and paying it forward - my dear friend Elisa Padilla - who just happens to be our guest this week on our SLG Impact podcast, THIS, and our guest writer on our blog, THAT! 🤗🙌

Paving the Way and Paying it Forward is a way of being on the trails and in work life. It is something we do to impact and hopefully improve the (challenged) world around us. It is a choice to be made every day.

May we all choose wisely - AND - may you all enjoy hearing and reading the relevant real talk, real writings and real leadership of Elisa Padilla. Stay tuned!

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