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A bunch of things have been running through my mind mostly on the bike - but also off the bike- this weekend. This is less of a story and more of various relatable thoughts aimed at positively impacting your week and journey ahead, #LEADERS

From yesterday's snowbiking ride:

1. it's usually less cold - less painful - better - when we tell ourselves it is

2. when the long hard cold journey is starting - it's often best to get going - warm up and get lost in the process. Before we know it, we're usually warmer, in a groove, improving and having some fun

From today's PR-a-palooza:

1. if the person leading is sprinting, even if it's unexpected, sometimes it's good to sprint too! We just might get to higher ground faster together.

2. it's best when everyone on the team is looking out for one another... if someone is falling behind, is excelling, or is about to crash hard on an unexpected feature .. CALL IT OUT! Communicate. Support one another's journey. Again - we'll usually get to higher ground faster together.

3. sometimes it's helpful to remind ourselves along the way how much we enjoy what we are doing (sans crashes, drama & the like of course)

4. when we are hurt, sick, unhappy etc - our performance will usually suffer. Taking time to heal, learn and grow usually results in improved health and performance.

Unrelated to Cycling:

1. may we know our worth and may we not stand for anyone devaluing it

2. generosity isn't always reciprocated; it's best to give without expecting reciprocation

3. when we take action against what is unacceptable, some people will walk away, some people won't want us around. 🤷‍♀️ It's amazing how quickly this can happen when they realize they can't manipulate and control us.

4. regardless of level of success and notoriety, some people will take advantage of others. They'll underpay, not pay, want more for free and they'll feel great about it. It's a power play. It's manipulation. May we not fall for it. May we refer to #1 👆 KNOW OUR WORTH.

5. may we ask for what we need and want (within reason) - and not expect others to be mind readers

6. sometimes it helps to shift focus from our own situation to that of others - even if that's a furry kid who needs a walk, redirection or some TLC 🐶🥰

Lead on, People!

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