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I wish today's edition was inspired by riding bikes or pretty much anything other than the COVID trip my husband and I have been on for the last 5 days - when we were supposed to be on vacation, riding bikes, camping and celebrating our anniversary and my birthday. 🥴

Long story very medium, after we did the 100 mile mountain bike race I told you about here last week, we did two more days of riding before he tested covid+. We cancelled the rest of the trip and opted to start the long drive home. At one point he was driving in stop and go traffic on the highway and he passed out. I threw the truck into park and tried to wake him. Two ERs and several more passing out episodes later he was admitted to the hospital where I stayed with him for a few days. We left without all the answers and the need for more heart monitoring, but we do know his heart and COVID were not friends. I stayed w him there and yesterday I tested positive too and having COVID all out sucks 🤒

LEADERS ➡️ What I have for you today are relatables from the hospital experience:

👉 Advocating for ourselves and those in our care is critical.

👉 Calling on cherished friends/family/coworkers for support and help during rough times is also critical.

👉 If we don't know, we need to ask the questions, actively listen and write down what we learn for future reference for ourselves and others.

👉 Test. Test. Test. Ruling things out is often part of the solution path.

👉 "Bedside manner" matters. When we pay attention to the reaction of people in our care we'll often be able to notice if we are off the mark.

👉 Leaders/Doctors/Nurses are imperfect humans too. Sometimes we want them to be perfect and have all the answers but it's not realistic.

👉 Leaders/Doctors/Nurses won't gel with every person but the effort to connect matters.

👉 COVID is real, is still infecting people, and it hits different people very differently. As Leaders, let's continue to keep this in mind as we create more in-person work experiences.

👉 Life is precious and frankly pretty fragile. Let's continue to live and lead each day authentically and to the fullest.

Good luck this week, Folks! Stay safe and healthy out there as you get after it.

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