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I spent the last four days mountain biking and camping in the desert with amazing humans and pups. We faced oppressive heat with a sandstorm and didn't get to ride; We suffered through freezing temps with rain, sleet and hail during one of the worst and scariest rides we've ever done. We bailed from the trail and somehow made it safely on the road; We enjoyed perfect temps and one of the best rides we've ever done.

During those four days we experienced extreme fear, nervousness, concern, pride, happiness, next level stoke, and laughed until our cheeks hurt.

Coming out of the desert, I'm taking away a refreshed soul and was reminded of several bikelife/work relatables that I thought I'd share to bolster the work week ahead for you and me:

👉 Remember the importance of evolving yourself and your skills. Improving is payoff you’ll be proud of.

👉 Give yourself permission to bail. Sometimes you have to be willing to protect yourself and call it.

👉 Give yourself permission to take calculated risks and do hard things. Proving yourself to yourself can be powerful and usually helps you reach new levels.

👉 Surround yourself with good souls who you can learn with and from, and cheer for one another through good and bad days. Positively impacting one another goes a long way.

👉 Bring, eat and share snacks. No one performs well when hAngry. 🥴

👉 Collect and nurture yourself especially in moments of chaos and challenge. Find your strength. Moving from a place of fear usually doesn't help anyone.

👉 Pick yourself up when you fall and keep going. You'll fall again, you'll be able learn something every time, and you'll be better for all of it.

👉 Use your vacation days. This one precious life is yours to live fully. ❤


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