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It's actually Monday morning as I'm writing this. Our pup Peaty has had me up since 2:45am today and my Sunday started at about 10pm Saturday as my husband John Griffiths and I traveled back from a family holiday in England. So, thanks in advance for cutting me some slack 🤪

What I've got for you today was inspired by something John said to his mum when we took her on the hike pictured here the other day.

👉 "We make the most of every day. That's what Shauna and I do."

He was spot on and it made me smile inside out when I overheard it. 🥰 Most people who know our adventures and crazy riding habits can attest to it. Take that trip for example. In the week there we squeezed in surprising his parents after four COVID years apart, four rides for 139 miles and 21,732 ft of vert along with several hikes, celebrating his mum's 74th, I read three books and ignored my phone and computer as much as possible. We took a few rest days, reunited w his brothers, made a stop at a National Trust, Stonehenge and more. We covered London, the countryside, the Southwest Seafront, Midland, the highest point in the country and some of the steepest roads Porlock offers.

We took the days and made the most of every one in a way that's authentic to us.

When I started thinking about it more as it relates to life and work and you all - "taking the days" stood out.

PTO. Vacation days. Time off.

Whatever you call it, take it responsibly, empower and trust others, and make the most of it in a way that's authentic to you.

As leaders with a lot of responsibility, we can often get caught up in all the commitments and stress, putting off time off for when "things settle down" or "when it's a better time" to be away. This is one I know I still struggle w along my journey.

The responsibility is (usually) right there when we are back - and we and others are usually better for us having stepped away. Sidebar but related, I've always loved to see how others can step up and evolve when they are given the opportunity to lead in the absence of others.

It's good to remember, we can put off or make up for a lot of things but not time and damn, it goes too fast.

So, let's remind ourselves and others to take the days responsibly and make the most of them.


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