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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I knew I wanted to share this one with you yesterday. I sent the vid featured below to one of my dear friends Matt Bailey and his reply sold me: "THAT'S A BIG STICK"

For those of you who don't know - that is my/our pup, Peaty. She's often heard chiming in on episodes of my podcast, THIS, and I have featured her from time to time in some of Sunday Stories. She’s a 4.5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/German Pointer/Pitbull mix who rescued me just as much as I rescued her. She over indexes in intelligence, protectiveness and energy. She battles anxiety, hates the heat, but sticks and pinecones are some of her favs. She loves to be outside, ride bikes and go camping, and she adores her Papa, John Griffiths. So basically, she’s the dog version of the child human I/we don’t have. 😊

That said - she definitely "carries a BIG STICK". Literally (see below) and figuratively. ---> She takes no shit from any other dog and it's pretty relatable.

When Matt wrote that to me, I thought --> Yes Sir! She carries a BIG STICK just like her mama.

I was joking around when I thought that - but then again, not really. I'm at a place in my life where I'm no longer holding back on things that matter and deserve my energy - I'm not holding my tongue - and I'm definitely not taking shit from anyone undeserving.

Leaders ---> let me pause here to clarify: the BIG STICK is not meant to recklessly browbeat others or self. The BIG STICK is a marker of standing in strength for self and others in your care. The BIG STICK is all about using your voice - saying what you mean with positive intention - asking for what you want knowing it will support evolution of self and others.

So, Leaders of all stages of career ---> Is this relatable to you too?! Yup - I thought so.

As we bravely embark on this coming week, let's be like more like Peaty. Let's carry a BIG STICK and use it appropriately. We and others in our care will thank us later.

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