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My husbabe, John Griffiths, and I did a legitimately hard ride today celebrating our meetaversary and Peaty's birthday 🥳🥰 54.5 miles - 7,385 ft of vert - 9 years 👫 and 5 years 🐶 About 3 hours into the ride, I started thinking about the #homestretch ahead ... which was about 27 more miles and heaps of vert. I was happy to be roughly halfway through but I was also anxious about what it would take to finish the homestretch. 😬

And that's when I thought of you all and the parallel to big projects in business like the one I've been involved with since July with my extended team at CMD. The reveal is just days away - within reach just like the end of our ride today - but there is no doubt the homestretch is challenging!! On and off the bike - the homestretch is the time to dig deeper - focus even more - rely on teammates and leaders to pull through - fuel the heart, mind and body - and take pride in the process and accomplishment ahead. It's a great time to recognize we stepped up to the challenge that others either didn't want or didn't have the opportunity to seize. It's often helpful to remember we'll have grown from the experience and we'll have a great story to share (and leverage). Whatever homestretch we may be facing this week ahead - let's keep all of this in mind and keep going through the challenges as long as it serves us. ... and stay tuned for an update from my work homestretch later this week! 😁💥 #sundaystories #relatable #launch

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