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This holiday weekend my husband John Griffiths and I made a mad dash to go camp and mountain bike ride with our dear friends Evan Chute - his lovely wife Shaina - and some surprise guest appearances by some of the other amazing friends we adventure with in CO, Ian, Sarah, Jess & Rick.

As we were headed out on our ride this morning, I asked Shaina if her not-so-new house, job and town of one year felt like home. Her answer is what triggered this post.


She said "YES! We love it here. We have a community. It is definitely home."


Reality is, in work life and personal life, unconditionally accepting, supportive, resourceful, intentional COMMUNITIES make such a difference and can be rare. I'll pause here to note these can be two different communities. Work life and personal life do not have to overlap all the time.

In the virtual and physical presence of these intentional COMMUNITIES, we tend to feel safe(r), more confident in the authentic self, not worried about disapproval, calm(er), present. We can more easily stand in strength - brave the path forward - and feel truly happy.


AND LEADERS ➡️ THAT is where the magic happens.

When we find these communities in work and life, they are worth acknowledging with gratitude - being fully present for - and giving back to.

I'll end by saying I find the impact of intentional community is not measured by size, wealth, beauty or stature. The impact is more so measured by degree of genuine care and acceptance, collaboration, and degree of evolving. And there's incredible learning and goodness in the process and the outcomes.

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