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Today's story is taken from the three rides I did with my husbabe, John Griffiths, over this weekend. While they were all super different, each one gave me something to share with you to fuel your and my Leadership evolution ➡️

1. We did downhill laps with 4 friends including our buddy Nick Knezevich ... nothing but steep downhill trails that are rocky, rooty, loose and FAST.

➡️ Let go of the brakes and GO! Usually, the more we hesitate and hold ourselves back, the more we operate from a place of fear vs freedom, and the more likely we are to crash and burn or fall short of where we want to be.

➡️➡️ This includes letting go of the mind and letting thoughts wander to expose creative ideas and solutions that are otherwise stifled.

2. We climbed up to 11,500 ft to ride back down as fast as we could.

It's billed as a shuttle ride, so most people are driven to the top to ride down. ➡️ The harder route sometimes makes it all worth it. The "easier" route may be faster, but it isn't always better. Sometimes it's the disappointing route.

3. We took our pup, Peaty, for a ride on local trails to bring some adventure and joy to her world too.

➡️ There is adventure in the journey and experiencing the joys (and frustrations) along the way is often better than going solo.

So, there you have them, Leaders, ➡️ Three takeaways from three rides, intended to positively impact your (and my) evolution starting with the week ahead.

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