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Most people I've worked with, for, around have heard me talk about the art and practice of knowing why, when, how to use our resources to aid the journey and outcome.

I thought about this today while my husband John Griffiths and I were on our Sunday Climber adventure mountain bike ride for 45 miles and 5,676 ft of vert in cloudy 45°F weather.

I felt awful and cold when we started and immediately started going through a mental survey of my resources: lots of layers 👉 a waterproof jacket, 3 different pair of gloves, ear warmer band, a skully hat, a wind vest - and lots of calories 👉 rice crispy treats, fig newtons, and sports drink.

I quickly started pounding the calories - solid food > liquid at first - and added my vest and ear warmer layers.

The next 4.5 hours was a blur of strategically consumed calories - and layering and unlayering. I finished feeling great and immensely grateful I knew why, when, how to use the resources I had at my disposal.

Using our resources on the bike - in life- and in work - can make all the difference along the journey and with the outcome.

The art and practice - is learning why, when and how.

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