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Today's post was inspired by an IG reel I recently watched - posted by an amazing woman I know from NYC, Guilia Pline. Check it out below and bear with me here as you read on. I swear it's relatable to work life.

In the reel she talks about regulating the sympathetic nervous system after intense physical workouts. She recommends that we lay (or sit) down after the workout, close the eyes, and do a repeating breath practice - inhaling on a count of 4 and exhaling on a count of 8. Of course, my first thought was - "I must try this after riding" - and I did yesterday after a 66-mile mountain bike ride. Immediately my heart and mind slowed to a restful state which helped so much. It suddenly dawned on me that this is an amazingly relatable practice for intense work days that are workouts. You know those workout work days I'm talking about 👉the ones where our hearts and minds are racing us from meeting to meeting - through intense communications - through rapid fire emails, DMs, phone calls, texts and and and ... and then we quickly launch into the post-work part of our days. 🤕 Simply put - during and after those intense work workout days our sympathetic nervous systems take a hit - and now we have a tool to help ourselves!

Thanks to Giulia's relatable tips - we can simply tap into our own readily accessible and free breath to help us slow the heart and mind to a restful state 👉 lay or sit down, close the eyes and do a breath practice - inhaling on a count of 4 and exhaling on a count of 8. Do yourself a favor and try it for intense work workout days and intense physical workouts. You'll be glad you did. ❤ #THAT #blog #realtalk #realwriting #sundaystories #yougotthis #tools #selfhelp #impact #slgimpact

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