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I needed to step back this weekend so I did and here I am after days dedicated to riding bikes đŸ€˜ and Peaty đŸ¶ and family time ❀.

As we head into the week ahead, I've got something for you from each ride w my husbabe John Griffiths, starting w downhill mountain biking Saturday as seen below. 👇

1) That's me doing my best impression of the best female downhill racers in the world Camille Balanche, Myriam Nicole, Vali Holl. Eyes forward, elbows up, bum back... I know I know - I'm a long way off đŸ€·â€â™€ïž Modeling Behavior is the relatable part I'm here to talk about. My friend Nikolay Borisov replied to my post recently talking about this and I keep thinking back to it. As Evolving Leaders, it's important to model favorable behavior of other leaders AND it's good to remember people look to you/us for behavior to model. 👀

2) from Sunday's gravel/mountain bike ride through gnarly rocky sections I nailed that use to freak me out 👉 Let's remind ourselves how far we've come and that we are often more equipped to succeed today bc of what we experienced yesterday.

3) from today's high elevation road ride 👉 Let's keep in mind that sometimes when we come back to hard work/riding after a break it can feel tough to get going. Managing the mind is more than half the battle. Bc of experience and instincts we already know what to do and how to move forward.

Good luck this week, Leaders.

Let's Go!

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