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The topic of overthinking keeps coming up in conversations and content so today's story takes it on.




👉 to think too much about (something) : to put too much time into thinking about or analyzing (something) in a way that is more more harmful than helpful.

Let me start by saying I'm a recovering overthinker. I get how it happens. I also get that it's usually for the birds 🐦. As the definition states above - it's often more harmful than helpful.

If that seems farfetched, consider overthinking is also known as: Analysis Paralysis, Indecision, Overanalyzing, Over-Scrutinizing, Over-Talking

In cycling and in work life, overthinking and indecision can lead to disaster when navigating big undertakings, unknown terrain, sudden change of course and the like. In both arenas, the only way to gain momentum is to make a decision and experience the new part of the journey. And, the good thing is more decisions will be made along the way.

The reality is, when we fail to make a decision in a timely manner, one will be made for us which leaves us and the people in our care on our heels reacting to the aftermath.

So, #LEADERS - as we go about the week ahead let's choose Action > Indecision.

👉 Let's aim to catch ourselves in energy wasting, overthinking tailspins.

👉 Let's free ourselves from the notion of perfect decision making while we're at it.

👉 Let's trust ourselves, make decisions and move on to the new experiences the choices bring.

👉 Let's keep in perspective that more decisions will need to be made

Have a great week on purpose, People!

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