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I thought today's story would focus on something else but mid-way through dinner I knew I needed to go this route.


Tonight my husbabe and I were watching one of our favorite shows - GCN Media Group's YouTube channel. The featured episode (linked below) was "How Much Faster Have Bikes Got In Just 10 Years?"

Yes, that's really one of our favorite shows and yes, we are complete bike nerds 🤓 🤷‍♀️.

Back to the story though ...

The show went through the ways bikes have evolved over the last 10 years making them faster AND making us riders feel better - more efficient - more impactful - on the modern bike:

- everything is more aero

- everything is upgraded

- disc > rim brakes

- tubeless tires > tubes

- internal or integrated vs external routing

- and on and on

My brain immediately went to similarities in the option to upgrade and evolve as #LEADERS

Sure, we could stick with old school bikes and old school ways of leading - if we aren't concerned about the benefits and impact of the modern - evolved - options. In leadership this can look like:

- people first mentality

- self-awareness and transparency

- prioritizing diverse workforces

- embracing remote and hybrid work

- being open to AI and other innovative tech solutions

- and on and on

Let's leave Old School work ethic 🙌 jams 🎵 and kicks 👟

In leadership - and bikes- evolving is the way to go when optimal performance and impact are the desired outcomes.

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