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Today was intense on many fronts including the 23.5 mile 4,900 ft of vert ride I did w my husbabe John Griffiths that topped out at over 12,000 ft ...

I've got a lot of relatables for you but it's late and I'm fading fast so I'll keep it brief:

👉 when efforts are tougher than expected or maybe even desired - and you start asking yourself why - remember you are building endurance that makes you more experienced, better, stronger and more equipped for the journey and challenges ahead

👉 when you see others get ahead easily bc they have a boost from a person (or a motor) remember their experience has nothing to do with you and your focus is better served on your own path forward

👉 when the weight of the task or an issue seems too heavy and you know you are in it for now - find beauty and gratitude in the process somehow, somewhere and keep going

👉 when you are struggling with a challenge, find the courage to call on and count on teammates in work and life to provide needed support

👉 move forward with fear and celebrate wins of any size when you can. Remember you are your thoughts, and energy flows where your focus goes.

#LEADERS - we have one precious life to adventure, learn, live fully with intention and create lasting impact. ONE. Let's keep this in mind as we press on making it through big tough days as well as the days and moments we can celebrate.

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