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I don't have a riding story for you today but I do have a lesson for #LEADERS I'm constantly reminded about by my girl 🐶 Peaty.

#COMMUNICATION is much more than words. As my GREAT friend Pam Harris says - EVERYTHING COMMUNICATES.

Peaty agrees & shows it to me every day:

👉 she comes & sits by me to ask me to go outside

👉 she chatters, woofs & leads me to the windows to show me something annoying her outside

👉 she comes & sits by her Papa in the evening when she wants to go to sleep in his seat on the couch

👉 she grumbles at us when we try to snuggle up to her when she wants to be left alone

👉 she tucks her tail & sneaks off when she hears a plane passing by bc she's scared

👉 her energy gets frantic & she makes a mohawk on her back when she senses wild animals hovering

I could go on but I'll spare you. You get the gist.

The point is, she works hard to communicate with & beyond her woofs. Sometimes she has to be persistent w me until I get it. 🤷‍♀️I work hard to pay attention, assess what she's telling me & communicate with her. When I do, it helps a lot & we're good. When I don't, it's frustrating for all of us.

It's not much different with people & Leaders in work.

Just like it's my responsibility as her mom to pay attention to her communication beyond her woofs, assess and communicate effectively with her - as Leaders we have that responsibility with people. When we do, it usually helps. When we don't, it's usually frustrating for all.

As we go through the work week ahead let's remember effective communication requires both parties working together - and - everything communicates.

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