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Before I get into it - Happy Father's Day to you folks who have elected to take on a fathering role in life. 🥰 And now for today's story inspired by the 81.5 mile 8,691 ft of vert ride I did today with my husband John - topping out above 11,000 ft..... The ride was great - I was ticking off PRs - temps were cool - and there was the perfect amount of cloud cover for about 77 miles, that is. That changed with a quickness and the sufferfest began. The cloud cover disappeared and the conditions changed to a scorching hot 100°F as we climbed the final 4.5 miles and about 1500 ft of vert. I'm not a fan of heat in general and I'm definitely not when riding. As my body temp started to spike - my anxiety did too.

As much as I wanted to keep moving at a clip - the heat was getting to me, and I didn't want to spontaneously combust.

I told John what was going on and asked him to back off the pace a little. He knows those conditions are my kryptonite so he said "of course" - slowed a bit - and checked in w me about my liquid intake. Cloud cover returned, we rode through shaded sections and I came back to life and finished strong. Similarly to on the bike - in work it's key to have awareness about the effect of conditions AND to communicate about it. This is true for ourselves and the people in our care. I find that having the awareness is great but it doesn't help anyone much if we don't communicate about it. That said - as you move forward this week - ask yourself these questions and consider what you want to and are will to do about the answers. 👉 Are you aware of the conditions in which you thrive and those that are your kryptonite? 👉👉👉 How and to whom do you communicate it to so they can know too and can support and take action accordingly? 👉 What about the conditions and your people? 👉👉👉 How and to whom do you communicate about it with to support their pursuit of optimal performance? #coaching #impact #evolving #businessathlete #slgimpact

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