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Let me preface this by saying starting anything is hard. Often, it's the hardest part. On the bike, in work, in a career path, as an entrepreneur and on and on.

My husband and I did rides all three days this weekend that I wasn't into for one hundred reasons and beyond. My list of things on my mind that I needed to do or that sounded better or easier than training hard - was as long as the mileage of all three rides combined. But, I literally couldn't allow myself to give consideration to those things or I would have justifiably procrastinated and robbed myself of the needed break from it all - the therapy of nature and physicality - and of course the benefits of the training sessions.

Each day/ride I distracted myself and forced myself to JUST START and somehow I made it through all three rides.

I thought about this - and the relatability in work life - during every ride including 1/3 of the way through today's ride pictured below.

So many times, in work life we have a list miles long that can distract or detour us from just starting efforts. We need the "right time" to magically reveal itself, the PERFECT resume or business plan wrapped in a bow - or feedback and approval of everyone under the sun and more.

But do we?!

What are we robbing ourself of by all the perfecting, planning to plan, procrastinating?!

What if we JUST START and prove ourselves to ourselves along the way, #LEADERS ?!


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