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ICYMI in my Friday WORDS OF THE WEEK post, last week I was laid off. Allow me to confirm - the recent hits to the tech industry are resulting in serious reverb.

That said - this weekend was the start of my newest evolution which is a combination of daunting, calm, exciting and anxiety provoking.

I kicked off the weekend snow/fat biking with my husbabe (pictured in the orange jacket) and our besties Evan Chute and his wonderful wife, Shaina.

We had so much fun - so many laughs and of course we had a bike breakdown on the trail (top picture). Basically - a cable on Evan's bike got "laid off" which forced him to stop. He asked if any of us had ZIP TIES he could use to fix it. John Griffiths pulled out the zip ties from his tool kit to lend a helping hand. Shaina and I had zip ties in our reserves we offered too. Five minutes later we were back to ripping it up on the trail. 💥🥰

➡️ This is where the #layoff analogy comes in, #LEADERS

If we - or our friends - break down on the trail // get laid off:

1) are we going to ask for some zip ties // help moving forward?

2) do we have reserves to help others in need?

3) are we willing to tap into those reserves and create positive impact?

The answer seems obvious and I'm pausing to thank all of you who saw my Friday post and reached out to me to offer ZIP TIES. ❤ 🙌

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