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Today my husbabe and I did a 50 mile ride on gravel roads - through part of the biggest burn scar area in Colorado. It's a massive area called Buffalo Creek that was devastated by two fires 20+ years ago. The Hayman scar area - where we were today - was caused by arson.

The area is gorgeous though. Many of us who recreate there respect it and are very protective of it. Others couldn't care less apparently.... Despite the signs all over the place telling campers to "dead out" their fires - we rode by a firepit today that was smoking - smoldering - still a blaze, with trash in the center.

We rode over to it and spent the next 10 minutes putting it out w nearby sand we scooped up in our hands. I snapped this picture of John as we were waiting to see if it was out. You can almost see and feel his upset in the photo.

It was sad and infuriating that people they came into that special place - had their fun - and created and left behind a mess and a dangerous environment for others.

Clearly they don't abide by the well known motto that many outdoor adventurists do 👇


And that's where this dovetails into work, #LEADERS 💥

That motto absolutely applies to work environments too and I'd argue it is the responsibility of impact focused leaders.

LEAVE IT BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT IN WORK calls for proactive attention and action that contributes to the betterment of the the people, the work, the culture and the company.

As we head into this work week ahead let's remind ourselves of this motto and consider if we need to operate differently.

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