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I know - I know...

Who the hell is looking at LinkedIn and/or not watching the game tonight?! 🙋‍♀️😁

But I'm staying true to my effort so maybe you'll read it during an unexpected pause in the game or while you're getting seconds 🌮🍗🥗 - OR - tomorrow post the Big Game.

This thought came to me yesterday during a local ride that clocked 53 miles and 6,326 ft of vert on mountain bikes. For anyone who doesn't know - that's not a small ride. It requires planning and applied learning - training to train - focus - calories, lots of calories 🙌 - and it helps to have a training partner especially is he/she has more experience.

Back to the thought...

Society has normalized "training" and "coaching" for everything from eating to workouts to cooking - to parenting humans and dogs - and more. Yet it seems we haven't quite gotten there for leadership.


Think of how many people we know in seats of leadership who could benefit from leadership training 😳 That may even be us if we are being honest.

I'm not saying it AWAYS has to proceed getting to the seat - but it ought to be a part of having the seat.

It's fuel!

We can't truly ride//perform at our best without it. Yes, we could rely on our reserves/what got us there - but that is not ideal and will result in subpar results.

Ok if you are going for subpar but not in this feed and not in my mind! We are #LEADERS on a mission to be our best - to evolve self and others - and maximize positive impact.

So let's normalize leadership training and refuse to settle for being mediocre in the seat in Iife and work we hold. Also - stay tuned bc this has me plotting something for you all!

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