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During today's ride which was on the eve of recording the second #BusinessAthlete episode of my podcast featuring the incredible Jennifer Wagner - CEO of Prosper - I couldn't stop thinking about OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE.

70 miles + 7.6K ft of vert thinking about #OptimalPerformance on and off the bike....

Here's the thing that stood out to me most #LEADERS ... working toward Optimal Performance is a daily commitment - a practice in evolving our whole selves rather than a game of perfecting this or that or everything.

Yes, that's correct.

I do not believe Optimal Performance is the same thing as Perfection... and it's not about being selfish. It's about taking intentional action daily to be at our best for ourselves and others.

The practice of striving for Optimal Performance requires tailored attention to mental and physical, to energy, nutrition, sleep, work environment, medical care, support systems and more.

On and off the bike some days are harder than others, and we can easily mishandle the ball like we've got butterfingers ... That was me on our ride yesterday. Woof. 💀

But when we are commited to the practice of evolving the whole self - being self aware and tending to shortcomings and/or challenges - just like that - the next day we can be back on our game, feeling great and playing like an allstar, like I was on this ride today.

As we go about the week ahead, let's ask ourselves daily where we are in the quest for Optimal Performance - where we want to be and what we are willing to do to get ourselves there ... Let's be honest with ourselves about the answer and meet ourselves with grace in the process.

And - let's be willing to proactively seek guidance/help/support along the way.

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