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In mountain bike riding we talk a lot about picking lines - committing to them and sending it.

Doing it safely and successfully requires trusting our gut about our skill level and where our strengths are as a rider. As much as riding buddies might cheer you on and tell you to ride a line - that you can clean the line - a rider knows in their gut if they want that line - if they're going to take it and usually you'll have a sense if you'll crash or clean it.

Note, most riders don't stick to one line all the time. As we evolve we gain new skills and can venture into new lines. At some point there is usually a range of lines that fit within what a rider knows they want to and can tackle with enjoyment - even when it's a stretch.

All of that is pretty similar to picking business, career, job lines/"lanes" and trusting our gut along the way.

In business there are different lanes we can take on the journey. Sometimes we decide to stretch ourselves into new lanes for new skills and experiences. Sometimes we opt for the lanes that are closer to our strengths, experience and networks.

On the bike and in work I've found keys to it can be found in assessing where our strengths are and if/where we want to grow them in those directions - what we want to and can do with enjoyment - and of course trusting our guts.

Here's to choosing wisely!

Note the video below isn't an example of picking a line. It was simply some snow fun from today 😁

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