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For my birthday yesterday, my husbabe John Griffiths arranged a ride with him and three of our riding buddies. It was 1200 ft up and 6800 ft down and a whole lot of fun.

At some point in the ride one of our buddies (Shane) was giving us a heads up about the section ahead referencing the fast-swooping berms and deep kitty litter like terrain. As he dropped in and shouted back to us - I knew the words were meant for this post so here I am.

"RIDE YOUR OWN RIDE" he said....

What he meant is 100% relatable to work & life which is:

👉 control the controllables

👉 focus on what you can do and what you can safely dare to do (on the ride/journey) within your own limits

👉 don't fall into the trap of following - or trying to keep up with - a faster, better stronger - or just a different kind of - rider/person

👉 also don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and then feeling badly about yourself and your performance

👉 you are accountable to yourself if you ride/operate beyond yourself and face plant ... you made that choice even if it was subconscious

👉 you are also accountable to yourself if you nail it - overcome new obstacles - learn and become a more evolved rider/human

Remember #LEADERS - what is happening over there with and for someone else related to their own journey is exactly that: it's about them and about their journey.

Not yours.

So don't make it about you.


Keep going w your line of sight focused on your lane and the pursuit of your optimal performance.

💥Disclaimer💥 This doesn't mean that you don't look out for your fellow riders/people along the journey. Afterall, this post is all about Shane caring enough to shout a heads-up to us. What he didn't do though was compromise his own ride in the process and he was encouraging us to follow suit.

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