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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Today's story is from this morning's birthday ride for my husband John Griffiths w/ some of our riding buddies. That trail is known for it's downhill technical features (think rocks and jumps) & lines (think optional ways to go down).

When our crew stopped to "scout a line" - I snapped this picture thinking about the parallel between huddling with friends to assess the terrain - AND - working with Consultants & Coaches to assess the situation, options & path forward in business.

In both situations, the extra fresh set(s) of eyes, ears and brain power help uncover new perspectives - new approaches, strategies & tactics.

In both situations you have to:

1) be open to considering another's observations & ideas

2) be willing to collaborate to create new ways

3) have courage to try the new ways discovered -OR- be ok sticking to what you & your crew already do

So #LEADERS - as you go about the work week ahead - consider where you & your crew may benefit from the fresh perspective of an outside resource to help in "scouting the lines" of your terrain. Whether you actually do it or not is a decision you can learn from.

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