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Updated: Apr 15, 2023

I thought of this one yesterday during the 100-mile road ride w my husbabe that's pictured below.

As an athlete I've learned the importance of setting myself up for success for performance to go well. Controlling the controllables is the key and this is what it looked like for that ride:

- the hours, miles and vert of previous training

- carefully cross checking weather reports and dressing in layers

- mapping out the ride, refueling and bathroom stops

- applying sunscreen and reapplying during the ride

- planning out our riding calories

- prepping the bikes

- dropping Peaty at doggie daycare before and making sure we got home in time to get her

You get the gist.

The preparation paid off and it was a great ride. It was harder and took longer than expected bc there were non-stop headwinds. It was an uncontrollable that we had to make the best of and ride through and we could partly bc of all the factors we did control for the ride.

#LEADERS - as Business Athletes our performance similarly largely depends on the degree to which we set ourselves up for success by controlling controllables.

Note these can be small things that add up. If it helps, I'll share some of the things I do as a Business Athlete to set myself up for success - to control the controllables:

- the night before, write down the next day's schedule and highest priorities so I can prepare as needed and not drop balls

- cross check the house and work calendars I maintain because respecting both schedules is important to me

- the night before, prep my breakfast and have an idea of snacks, lunch and dinner options for the day because I am best when I have a rough plan for simple, easy access fuel that I don't have to think too much about and/or get too busy/distracted to have on hand and make

- plan ahead for the meditation, Spanish practice, and physical activity I'll do daily and when I'll fit them in - bc they are key for my happiness, energy and ability to focus

- maintain a bit of work "uniform" that I like, feel good in and don't have to think much about

You get the gist.

As we head into the week ahead - #LEADERS - let's consider ways we can set ourselves up for success to maximize our performance. Let's consider what things we can control about how we are going to operate - and what we are willing to do about those things.

Let's keep in mind that when we are at our best, we can usually be best for the brands and people in our care.

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