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👉 able to withstand great force or pressure

Sometimes it helps to remember you are strong - from the inside out - for yourself as well as for others - #LEADERS

Sometimes when times are challenging it can be easy to lose sight of that but the reality is - you are most likely stronger and braver and smarter than you often think.

Yesterday's downhill mountain bike riding session and today's 20 mile 3.5K vert mountain bike ride were the reminders I needed of this.

While we were recapping this weekend's rides, my husband said - "you couldn't ride more than half the stuff you do if you weren't as strong as you are."... I knew he was talking about inside out strength and I felt grateful and proud.

He was right and I needed that reminder during this extended moment in time on and off the bike.

As you head into this week and month ahead - I encourage you to keep in mind you too are strong from the inside out - you are able to withstand great force or pressure.

*Disclaimer* I firmly believe it is possible to and it is critical to pair strength and compassion/empathy ...

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