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Today's relatable reflections may seem like scattered marbles but to me they make sense and have connections - and I hope they do for you too.

The first is from my 40-mile 4,600 ft of vert ride today w my husbabe John Griffiths straight into headwind every way we turned...

- He knows I my tendency to loathe headwinds on road bikes

- A few miles in, he paused to ask if I wanted to continue or do a different type of ride.

- I had the easy choice to call it - but I wasn't bothered by it and committed to myself and him to keep going.

- Later when the wind gusts scared me I remembered I made the choice and dug in more.

👉 Note to self #LEADERS - it's helpful to know your people and their tendencies ... and, transparently talking about options with them is empowering and supports accountability

The second is from a conversation with my dad this morning ...

- For 20+ years we talk every Sunday morning. I call it our Business Meeting.

- For 20+ years I've encouraged him to maintain a gratitude list that he reads daily to shift his perspective. He's said he created one and reads it daily.

- I'll see him next week so I told him I'm coming to inspect for his gratitude list 👀!

👉 Gratitude is a mindset and praciticing it makes you better. Like riding into the wind - it is a choice - every single time - every single day. Choosing gratitude daily is empowering and it supports accountability.

LEADERS 👉 As we go forth this week and overall on the journey of evolution, let's remain committed to practicing well-intended transparency, choice, gratitude, and accountability.

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