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This story was inspired by my experience during today’s ride on technical (read: rocky, roots, steep) trails that have been changed significantly by the Spring and Summer onslaught of rain we've had locally.

On one hand the terrain changes provide fun new challenges. On the other hand, it can be super frustrating to suddenly get stymied in sections of the trail I used to know and clear.

Admittedly, my first instinct is to get annoyed, be hard on myself and question my abilities. Thankfully, I caught myself start to go there today and reminded myself that when the terrain changes like that, adjustment, practice and patience are needed. I also reminded myself that all of this actually makes me a better rider because I learn how to adapt and develop new skills to use going forward.

Somewhere along the way I realized the parallel in work life when the "terrain" significantly changes in the face of shifted dynamics in entrepreneurship, sudden layoff, voluntary quitting, a new job and so on. In those moments it's similarly natural to stumble, question ourselves, measure ourselves against the past (or others) and get annoyed. It's also incredibly important to remember adjustment, practice and patience are needed - AND - that the experience will (usually) make us better and more evolved in the long run.

So - #LEADERS - let's keep this in mind the next time the "terrain" beneath us significantly changes. Perhaps this will allow us to be kinder to ourselves in the process and minimize our suffering. Perhaps we'll more quickly shift our perspectives to the reality that navigating the new terrain is actually an important part of our pursuit of optimal performance.

BTW - I didn't snap a photo while riding today so you get this photo of a wild sunflower I took recently on morning walk w Peaty. 💛🐶 Perhaps it will serve as a sunny symbol of goodness to come on the journey.

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