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At first glance this may be seem too bike nerdy but bear w me ... the on the bike/ off the bike analogy felt like a light bulb moment when it hit me mid mountain bike ride last Friday. I hope it shines that brightly for you too.

I was trying to rip down the technical trail on my full suspension bike and my front wheel was all over the place getting caught up on loose dirt, baby head rocks and new features carved into the trails by numerous recent rain and hail storms. I almost crashed a few times and thought - did I forget how to ride overnight?!

Then I realized the treads on my front tire were worn out. I hadn't noticed or had ignored it until it was bad enough to put me in danger of quickly crashing hard. The picture below doesn't do the tread damage justice but it's there.

I decided to take it easy the rest of the ride for my safety and somewhere along the way in my mind the worn-out treads seemed a hell of a lot like burn out in work.

The kind of burn out you either don't realize or you ignore for too long as it's developing. The kind of burn out that makes you decide to ease up or it leads to your mind, body and spirit quickly crashing hard.

Admittedly, this dynamic is something I've been on the edge of both on and off the bike more times than I'm proud of. I'm using Friday's worn out tires as a friendly reminder to be more attentive to worn out/burned out and more protective of my safety on and off the bike.

If this resonates w you - I encourage you to assess how worn out/burned out you and your tire treads in life are ... AND consider what you want to and are willing to do about it to become more attentive and more protective of your mind body spirit safety.

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