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I first heard that term only a couple months ago while listening to a recent podcast put out by Alundas Havens ... I've been thinking about it ever since.


I'm not sure what rock I've been living under though because the term has been around for a while. In the 2018 article linked below there are 5 characteristics listed that I think are pretty spot on:

1. Grit

2. Mission Focused

3. Adaptability/Entrepreneurship

4. Leadership

5. Teamwork

That said, it's one thing to know about this and it's another thing to get ourselves there.

So, Leaders ➡️ here are 5 things I think are key to how we can evolve on the Business Athlete journey:

1. Become more aware of what fuels and depletes you and refer to #4 below

2. Be honest with yourself about your performance

3. Hold yourself accountable for your thoughts and actions - the impact they have on yourself and others

4. Do more of what serves you and less of what doesn't (as my Coach Leslie Harris says)

5. Find joy in the process

💥 BONUS TIP💥 Get yourself a Coach who resonates with you who will support your evolution. You are worth it.

Article mentioned above: "Are you a business athlete?"

Photo cred: the phenomenal JC Buck John Christopher Studio

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