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Real talk, People.

Sometimes the Sunday blues gets ahold of me - and you - and others.

You know that feeling like you're going to jump off the edge of a cliff into the chaos of the week ahead. Not too different from what's going on in this picture from today's mountain bike ride with my husband John Griffiths and our riding buddy.

It's normal.

It's also just one of the ways to look at it.

We can let ourselves look at it that way. It doesn't usually help.

Or - we can step to the edge - take a look - figure out how to navigate including deciding to go around an obstacle if needed.

If you read this and you know the case of the Sunday Blues or the Monday Mania - you are not alone - and - you've got this. We've got this. Let's just make sure to check out the terrain from the edge and figure out the best approach before taking the plunge into the week ahead.

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