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Born out of the marketplace need for maximum impact across brands and people, our single pursuit is to

drive you and your journey forward. 

  • Consulting Services that Create Measurable Business Impact 

  • Media to Elevate & Inspire Diverse, Authentic Leaders 

  • Coaching to Support & Evolve People - powered by GC Index

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Customize engagements designed to impact on your brand and people:

  • Growth Strategy 

  • Brand Partnerships Audit, Strategy, Outreach and Management 

  • Marketing Audit, Strategy, Management and Execution

  • Connections to Brands and People

The mission of our podcast is simple.

We're dedicated to elevating the voices of diverse, authentic leaders who share our commitment to creating positive impact and evolving brands and people.   

Check out our current Season 3, or dip back to Season 2 and Season 1, and the pre-pod OG episodes in The Archives .


THAT is the written complement to THIS, featuring Shauna Griffiths' series, #SundayStories and #BusinessAthlete .

These relatable series are designed to further create 

positive impact and evolve brands and people. 



  • Authentic experiences that engage and evolve people in pursuit of their optimal performance 

  • Tailored to your needs be it 1:1, for your Leadership Team or for select staff

  • Can be powered by GC Index & GC Translate (AI) 


When you're ready - hit us up. You're worth it. 

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